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Small Business Loan Guarantee Program

September 19, 2022|Programs|

Small Business Loan Guarantee Program Are you a mission-based enterprise enhancing the wellbeing of Nova Scotia? Your rocket could qualify for our fuel. The Nova Scotia Co-operative Council through its Small Business Loan Guarantee Program is investing $200,000 in mission-based enterprises in Nova Scotia that are looking to start and/or grow and expand their enterprise. Mission-based private businesses believe that it is possible to have a positive impact on a social or environmental issue while considering all stakeholders and staying committed to product development, profit, social responsibility, and sustainability. Program Overview Investment can be [...]

109, 2022

Social Enterprise Impact Fund

The Investing in Nova Scotia Enterprises Co-operative is interested in investing in mission based enterprises in Nova Scotia, through its retained earnings. Who can apply? Eligible enterprises include start-ups and/ or growth and expansions. Enterprises must be registered and based in Nova Scotia. Enterprises can take the form of a [...]

2406, 2022

Career Rising

After launching in 2017, Career Rising has expanded across the province to provide youth in rural communites an opportunity to gain employability skills, benefit from a paid work experience and receive financial support for post secondary education. Find out more here

1306, 2022


Born of a partnership between Genrus United and the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council, the goal is to lower the cost of prescription medication for Canadians. We believe in the power of unity and the resources of our communities. That is why we partnered with independent pharmacists to deliver [...]

1306, 2022

Distinguished Co-Operator Award

Help us recognize the enormous contributions made by Nova Scotian co-operators to the economic and social well-being of our province… Any Nova Scotian co-operator is eligible, including elected officials, individual members, and employees of co-operatives, credit unions, and caisse populaires. Nominees may be active or retired, or may be [...]

1306, 2022

Forestry Contractor Relief Program

Supporting the Forestry Sector in Our Communities With Financial Relief. The Forestry Contractors Relief Program was created to provide financial relief to eligible forestry contractors affected by the closure of the Northern Pulp mill. The program will offer short-term repayable financing to help contractors cover loan payments as they adjust [...]

1306, 2022

Renewable Energy

We see the development of renewable energy as one of Nova Scotia’s greatest opportunities. Nova Scotia has an abundance of natural resources that can bring economic and environmental sustainability to the province by producing renewable energy for consumption and export. This opportunity is pivotal in that it has the potential [...]

1306, 2022

Community Economic Development Investment Funds

Community Economic Development Investment Funds (CEDIFs) A CEDIF is a pool of capital raised through the sale of shares that is invested in new or existing local businesses.It is a mechanism to keep hard earned dollars at home, at work in our communities, where they belong. They support locally produced [...]

1306, 2022

Community Guard

Your community relies on its local voluntary non-profit organizations to provide vital services not otherwise offered by private businesses or government programs. To help them save money and get the insurance protection they need, The Co-operators designed Community Guard, a special kind of coverage with affordable, stable premiums and [...]

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