Community Economic Development Investment Funds

Community Economic Development Investment Funds (CEDIFs)

A CEDIF is a pool of capital raised through the sale of shares that is invested in new or existing local businesses.It is a mechanism to keep hard earned dollars at home, at work in our communities, where they belong. They support locally produced products and services, create jobs and stimulate economic growth.

A CEDIF develops within the community. Any individual or group can form a working group to investigate the possibility of starting a CEDIF in their community.

Since the program began, more than $32 million has been invested in funds that support local businesses across the province. For more information, visit the Office of Economic Development.

As an investor, benefits to buying shares in CEDIFs include:

√ 35% non-refundable provincial income tax credit on your investment

√ Investments are RRSP eligible

The Nova Scotia Co-operative Council offers a turnkey CEDIF development package aimed at simplifying the process for your group to start a CEDIF offering. For more information on CEDIFs and how the Council can assist you, contact our main office.

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