Renewable Energy

We see the development of renewable energy as one of Nova Scotia’s greatest opportunities.

Nova Scotia has an abundance of natural resources that can bring economic and environmental sustainability to the province by producing renewable energy for consumption and export. This opportunity is pivotal in that it has the potential to improve the economy, environment and the health of Nova Scotians.

The co-op sector is a natural model for development of alternative energy. We have a long history of developing business and social infrastructure throughout rural Nova Scotia. Co-ops have the collaborative, community-building attitude needed to be harnessed to see the alternative energy sector flourish in Nova Scotia.

This self-help makes a community stronger. By taking responsibility for the future, communities become engaged and see their efforts as instrumental in creating a better future for themselves and their families.

We believe that opportunities around renewable energy are much broader than just electricity generation. All forms of renewable energy need to be considered to achieve the greatest reduction in greenhouse gases and strong economic growth without excessive costs to individuals, businesses, communities and government.

The Council wants to support your co-operative. However, for any project to be successful and sustainable, the initiative and leadership must come from the community.

For further information on the Council’s renewable energy initiative, please contact the business development officer in your area.

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