Energy Efficiency Assessment With Ten Co-operative Businesses

The Nova Scotia Co-operative Council received funding from the provincial government to conduct an energy efficiency assessment with ten Co-operative businesses throughout the province.

Co-operatives were keen to sign up, said CEO Dianne Kelderman. We have ten Co-operatives across many sectors including retail, housing, fisheries, agriculture, manufacturing, a community learning center and a credit union. Our goal is to do a deep dive with these ten and to create an implementation report to see how we can execute on the recommendations in phase two.

This is not a “change the light bulbs to LED” assessment. It will look at buildings, structures, insulation, windows, heating system etc.

We suspect the recommendations, when implemented will contribute to the Co-operatives’ financial and environmental bottom line, and will provide a model for others.

Dianne Kelderman, MSc (Econ), M.Ed
President & CEO
Nova Scotia Co-operative Council