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Nova Scotia’s HealthConnex to Make Life Simpler for
Doctors and Patients with New Mobile App

Sept 21, 2015

Nova Scotia-based HealthConnex has released a new mobile app that’s designed to revolutionize the doctor-patient relationship.  The app is now available for Android phones and Apple smartphones and can be downloaded from Apple and Google App Stores.

The HealthConnex mobile app is designed to provide a secure platform where patients can track their healthcare information, engage and collaborate with their healthcare providers, and request services/appointments from those providers.

“We know that people lead busy lives, and that’s especially true for medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners,” says Dianne Kelderman, President and CEO of the Nova Scotia Cooperative Council. “The HealthConnex mobile app will allow people to book medical appointments, receive e-consults from their doctors and keep track of their health records, medical spending and lab test results all through a secure app that will connect to their smartphones. “

HealthConnex is owned by the province’s co-operative and credit union sector through the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council and its affiliate co-operative partners.

“HealthConnex really is a patient-centric health care portal that connects patients and doctors in a secure online setting that helps save everyone time,” says Kelderman.  “Besides online appointment booking, e-consultations, and prescription renewals, patients can also use our new HealthConnex mobile app to see their integrated personal health records and other features such as health trackers.  There’s even a medication interaction tool. “

The mobile app has been developed and tested by David Pothier and his team at Liberated Networks in Halifax, who points out Apple IPhone users have an added bonus.

“Our app can leverage sensors and information within the iPhone through Apple’s HealthKit to deliver additional medical-related information to the doctor,” says Pothier. “For example, heart rate readings, activity levels and nutrition are part of what patients can select. All of this information can then be stored in HealthConnex and become part of the patient’s medical records. It’s really a major step forward for medical care and we’re very proud to have teamed up with the NS Cooperative sector to make it a reality.”

Kelderman says the app will take the range of services already available through the HealthConnex website ( and spread them out to people on the go.

“What this ultimately means is that doctors and other health care professionals will have more time to concentrate on keeping people well,” says Kelderman.  “It’s going to allow families and individuals to easily and affordably connect with their doctors and other medical staff in a timely manner.  We know that early diagnosis by a professional can help avoid complications, and that’s definitely what this new mobile app will help to achieve. “

The new HealthConnex app is downloadable for Android phones at the Google App store

For IPhone users, it’s also downloadable from Apple’s app store by clicking here

The APP is also available through

For more information or quotes, please contact

Dianne Kelderman, President & CEO of NS Cooperative Council at 902-893-8966 or 902-896-7291 /

or David Pothier, Liberated Networks Inc. at 902-443-9406 Ext. 510  /

Summary of the Capabilities of the HealthConnex Mobile App

Platforms Available:
Android and iOS

Key Features:
• Personal Health Record:  HealthConnex tracks medications, health conditions, allergies, and information from all of your health team in a single application – accessible through the mobile app or through the web.

• E-Consult: Ask medication questions through a secure interface that connects patients with their doctors/other experts. This secure conversation can include pictures and can provide a convenient way for patients to engage their healthcare providers for non-urgent items.

• Prescription Renewals: Patients can request renewals of their prescriptions through the HealthConnex interface using the information that is already part of their health profile. If they are renewing a prescription from a different doctor, they can also include a picture of the existing prescription.

• Appointments: Users can book appointments for their family doctor from the app (for offices that support bookings through HealthConnex).

• HealthKit Integration (I-Phone only): For iOS users, the mobile app will allow the user to add Health metrics from their phone into their doctor portal. These metrics include fitness metrics (eg. Number of steps), nutrition information (food consumed), and health metrics (for example, heart rate history for users of Apple’s new watch)