Good News – NSCC Credibility & Leadership

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I am pleased to advise you that I (Nova Scotia Co-operative Council) have been invited to participate on Canada’s G8 National Advisory Board, to create Canada’s Report for the G8 Social Impact Investment Task Force meeting being held in June 2014.

24 leaders from across the country, in the field of social finance, have been invited to sit on the national board.

I am the only invitee from Atlantic Canada. This speaks, I think, to our credibility and the leadership we have shown in business and community finance, not to mention the attention being paid to our NS Impact Fund initiative.

All G8 countries (except Russia) have been asked to put together a National Board to input into the G8 discussions. The goal is to create Canada’s position on Social Impact Investing, specifically looking at the 1. Income Tax Act (restrictions on business activities of non-profits), and 2. Government’s role in capitalizing social impact investment funds and risk mitigation.

The Government of Canada under Minister Jason Kenny is on the Board.

I will keep you updated.