FarmWorks CEDIF 6th Offering

FarmWorks Community Economic Development Investment Fund (CEDIF) was founded in 2011 to raise a significant amount of money to support farms and food producers. Nova Scotia has the potential to sustainably supply much more food, and money loaned to food producers is an investment in the economy, health, rural areas, communities, culture, and the environment.  Read More

FarmWorks investors understand the benefits of keeping their money closer to home and they have faith in the ability of farmers and producers to increase production and profitability. In five CEDIF offers to date 352 shareholders have invested $1,405,700 which has been loaned to 63 businesses that provide food and economic and social benefits for all Nova Scotians.

The Sixth Offer is now open and we’re asking for your assistance as we raise more capital to support outstanding businesses. Please forward this information and the link to FarmWorks website to everyone who may be interested.

FarmWorks Update December 2016 PDF