FarmWorks – Field to Fork to Future

FarmWorks Investment Co-operative Limited is making a difference in the year-round availability of food for Nova Scotians. Over 460 people have purchased $4,009,900 of shares in ten offers of FarmWorks’ tax advantageous Community Economic Development Investment Fund. Shareholders are helping to grow sustainable food-related businesses from field to fork to future. Global and local challenges present opportunities for wise investment in this Province by Nova Scotians.

As of August 15, 2021, FarmWorks has loaned $6,208,000 to Nova Scotian businesses: farmers who are starting up or expanding, restaurants and cafés, stores and farm markets, seed growers, brewers and cider makers and other enterprises that are building capacity in Nova Scotia. Directors carry out due diligence on applicants and provide support and encouragement to clients. FarmWorks clients are outstanding citizens who contribute significantly to the life and economy of Nova Scotia.

FarmWorks is now achieving profitability and will decide with Shareholders the allocation of after-tax profit.

FarmWorks Vision is Healthy Farms, Healthy Food and the Directors promote, and provide, strategic and responsible community investment in food production and distribution in order to help increase access to a sustainable local food supply for all Nova Scotians. Investing locally and buying local food provides health, economic, social, environmental and other benefits for Nova Scotians. The Community Economic Development Investment program enables Nova Scotians to gain tax credits for investing in food related enterprises that are increasing sustainable local production and profitability.

FarmWorks Directors and Clients sincerely thank the Shareholders – your confidence in Nova Scotian producers provides us with the opportunity to support people who are providing excellent food and beverages. Please let us know if you might consider joining the Board for the opportunity to work more closely with farmers and producers in one of the most encouraging initiatives in Nova Scotia.