Mission & Vision

The Nova Scotia Co-operative Council ensures that co-operatives and credit unions play a vibrant and creative role in addressing the challenges faced by our local communities.

We exist to:

  • Encourage co-operatives to work together to maintain a strong co-operative movement
  • Stimulate, promote and support the creation of new co-operatives across all sectors and industries in Nova Scotia
  • Advocate for the co-operative movement’s interests to all levels of government
  • Strengthen the ‘co-operative brand’
  • Inspire innovation throughout the sector
  • Develop new financing tools to support development

Co-operatives and credit unions employ over 11,000 Nova Scotians.

The Council supports and promotes co-ops and credit unions by providing education, marketing and representation to government and industry.

Our experienced business development officers are located across the province and ready to assist you with your next challenge!