Happy Co-Op Week

Congratulations to all Co-operatives, their members, boards & staff on 2015 Co-op Week. Thank you for building the economy of Nova Scotia.

Did you know?

  • 313,000 Nova Scotians are member owners of Co-operatives and Credit Unions.
  • The Co-operative sector is the second largest employer in Nova Scotia with over 12,000 employees
  • Co-operatives and credit unions have over $5 billion of assets at work in the Nova Scotia economy
  • 75% of all agriculture in Atlantic Canada is done through co-operative enterprises
  • Over 6000 Nova Scotians live in co-operative housing
  • First co-operative was formed in Stellarton, Nova Scotia in 1861
  • Co-operative exist in every industry & sector.  As Father Moses Coady said “from the cradle to the grave”.